The conclusion of an essay should direct the reader's attention to theessay's main points and sustain them. Imagine a mystery story in which] you were not given the solution or a fairy tale that did not end with "an they all lived happily ever after." Having spent a lot of time planning and writing your essay, you certainly want a satisfying conclusion.

As with the introduction, the actual form of a conclusion depends on the type of essay. The different types of conclusions include some of thesame devices suggested for introductions, such as quotations, question and anecdotes WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY, but they usually refer to material that has been present in the body of the essay. The following types are frequently used. A conclusion may also contain a combination of these types.

Result: This type of conclusion is well suited to a process/analysis essay such as the ones you will work on later in this chapter. A pr essay can be concluded by giving the result or results of the process has been described.

After you have prepared your delicious Texas-style ribs, it is now time to enjoy the wonderful dish you have prepared. Set your table attractively WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY with a lot of napkins for messy fingers. Fill each glass with sparkling red wine, take off your apron, sit down, and begin to taste your succulent meal. You will never want to eat ribs cooked any other way. Bon appetit!

Restatement (summary): In this most common type of conclusion, the main idea is restated in different words to reinforce (for one last time) the writer's main points. In a short essay, this type of conclusion would not be appropriate, but for a long essay with an extended discus­sion, it is very useful.

It is clear WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY, then, that Native Americans in the United States are still faced with significant problems. Each tribe still wants to keep its own traditions and customs. However, the young people want to enter the modern world shown to them on television and in the movies. They are anxious to have an education and a good job, but they have trouble adjusting to life in the city. In addition, Native Americans are still dis­criminated against. They have lost self-confidence and pride, which may be the largest challenge they must meet.

Prediction: An essay that expresses an opinion or point of view WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY may end with a prediction. After a summary of the main points, the writer says what will happen next or in the future. In the following example, underline the prediction.

The third stage of development of the "smart" highway is still many years in the future. Although the University of California at Berkeley is presently studying a remote guidance system that will allow cars to fol­low a painted stripe on a highway, the ultimate system still faces many obstacles. All indications are, however, that we can look forward to a time when we will get in our cars WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY and settle back with our paper and coffee, leaving the driving up to the highway and the car. The future may not be so far away.

Recommendation: A recommendation is most common when the writer has discussed a problem, perhaps given its causes, and now wishes to suggest a solution. In the next conclusion, the writer follows a short summary with a recommendation. Underline the recommendation.

It is obvious from what has, been said that most students who study in a foreign country face some of the same difficulties, culture-shock and lone­liness being the most WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY prevalent. Therefore, I suggest that before going to a foreign country to study, each student should be required to study not only the new language but also some of the cultural differences between the native country and the new one. Most importantly, each student should be assigned a host family to help make the transition to the new lifestyle less traumatic and lonely.

Quotation: A quotation can give credence to what has been written about, especially if an authority in the field is quoted. In the example, the quotation adds authority to the author's main point.

Thus, despite tremendous WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY advances in computer technology, the kind of robot found in science-fiction movies is still a long way off in the future. According to MIT electronics expert Phillip Masterson, "Someday, we will be able to go into our local discount store and buy a mechanized robot that will take our commands, do our housework, and make our lives easier." Until that time, we can only dream of such mechanical humans.

In any conclusion, don't introduce an idea that you have not discussed in the body of the essay. This should not happen in a carefully planned essay WRITING THE CONCLUSION OF THE ESSAY, but if it does, insert the idea appropriately in the body of the essay.